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PocketLogix helps you understand performance of your website from mobile devices

  • Real Mobile Devices

    All devices are real, never emulated. See how your website performs from the variety of devices. Results include screenshots, mobile device metrics and more.

  • Multi-step transactions

    Define flows your users take on the website (e.g. Home page -> Login -> Search -> Add to Cart) and PocketLogix will provide the performance details with screenshots for each step.

  • Device data included

    Each tests is accompanied with real-time device information, such as free memory before and after the test, location, phone model etc.

  • Web 2.0 Support

    PocketLogix supports all legacy and modern technologies used to build your website.

  • Screenshots taken

    PocketLogix provides real device screenshot (in a native resolution and chosen screen orientation) for every step in a transaction.

  • All components are measured

    Performance recorded for all components in each step, including 3rd party. Certain components (such as chat) can be excluded from monitoring. Each tracked component can be individually analyzied.

  • Scatter chart

    Each step is accompanied with scatter chart showing time distribution (1st byte, server time, client time) for each component in the step.

  • Content Check

    PocketLogix checks each step for predefined patterns to make sure the the user receives expected content.

  • Stop test on error

    The test can be aborted if there is a content check error at any step.

  • Device Cache - Turn on / off

    The test can be performed with browser cache turned on or off.

  • Flexible reporting

    All reports can be customized to deliver customized performance analysis, including drill-down reports, individual components research and more.

  • Different screen positions

    Test can be performed from portrait or landscape position of the mobile device.

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