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General Questions

What service does PocketLogix provide?

PocketLogix is a synthetic mobile monitoring solution. We check your website from real mobile devices across the world and provide extensive performance data, including sreenshots.

Do you have a free offering?

Yes, we offer FREE Mobile Web Monitoring. Contact us to get started.

How do I get started?

Send us a note at contact@pocketlogix.com and we will contact you to setup the tests. You can also contact us using online form.

What performance information you collect?

We provide total load time for test along with breakdown for 1st byte response, client time and server time. The timings are provided for each step and for each subcomponent of the tests (including the 3-rd parties).
Additional information, such as device data, component size and more is recorded too.
There is also a screenshot for each step, exactly as seen on the device.

Do you support websites with AJAX?

Yes, AJAX, HTML5 and other Web 2.0 technoloiges are fully supported.

What devices are used for tests?

We provide a wide variety of Android devices, running different OS versions. We are working hard to add iOS support. (iPhone, iPad).

What locations tests are running from?

We have presence in USA, Canada and Israel. We are constantly growing the network and adding additional devices in different locations of the world.

How often tests are executed?

You can either schedule the test, or run it on demand with the push of the button. The test can be executed on one or multiple devices from different locations.

Can I test your solution online?

Yes. Visit our homepage, provide the URL of your website and we will send you one time performance report.

How secured is your solution?

All data transfers are highly secured. No data is transmitted in the clear text. All scripts, reports, and account information are stored in a highly secured environment.

I have a specific question - can I contact you directly?

Yes. Please send us an email to contact@pocketlogix.com and we will be happy to address all your questions.

Working with PocketLogix

Do you support multi-step transactions?

Yes, each test can have multiple steps, for example - Home Page, Login, Add product to a cart, Logout. Advanced logic is supported natively with Javascript.

How easy is it to create a multi-step script? Is there a recorder?

Each step of the test is based on Javascript, exactly the way browser runs it. For now we will create all scripts you need or train you how so you can do it on your own. We are working on automatic recorder too.

Can I manage the solution online?

Once setup, the consumption of the performance data is through our online portal, although initial account setup is done manually. Please contact us to get started.

I have a specific device that I am interested to run tests from. Can I bring my own device?

Yes, we can provision your own device and have it available for testing.

We are a large enterprise and our employees have plenty mobile devices in different locations in the world. Can we use them for testing?

Yes, we support it. Most of the times, the owner of the mobile device won't even notice that the test is running.

How much does the solution cost?

Please contact us to setup a free mobile website monitoring or to discuss customizations and pricing.

Can we customize the initial reports?

Our reporting is very flexible. We will design the report you need, including "linked reports" with the ability to drill-down starting from the point of interest.

Can I setup alerts?

We are working on a comprehensive alerting system, but it is not complete yet.

What features does PocketLogix solution provide?

Please refer to our Features list page.

Can I request a feature?

Yes, we would definitely consider any suggestion for a feature or product improvement.

Can I turn mobile browser cache on or off for monitoring?

Yes, you can enable or disable browser cache per each test.

What if the website produces an error?

We provide variety of mechanisms to determine bad performance and availability issues. All failures are indicated inside the reports and screenshots are provided.

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